Calculating Your Heating Needs:

Living in new england with our cold winters, heating systems becomes one of the most important assets to your home.  Knowing which heating system is right for your particular situation is a simple science involving sizing your heating needs through an accurate heat loss calculation of your particular home.


Newer more efficient heating systems are available to help utilize your fuel source and gain more bang for your buck.  Heating systems are now required to display an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Rating (AFUE).  This rating measures the amount of fuel that is lost in the process of converting it to heat.  For example a rating of 85% efficiency simply means that 85% of fuel becomes heat for the home while 15% is lost in the process as through the chimney, duct work or elsewhere.

Gas High Efficiency Instantaneous

To greater increase your savings on a natural gas fuel you may also consider an instantaneous hot water heating system.  This hot water system is an on-demand system and heats the water as needed so you are not paying to constantly heat your water. There are currently rebates for this type of hot water system.

Ray CI Gas Boiler 92.7 % AFUE

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